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NVASeasonA Warm Tennessee Welcome

August 25, 20200

As the newest addition to the NVA, the Tennessee Tyrants are finally ready to make their debut in the upcoming November tournament in Salt Lake City, Utah. 


Tennessee already has a large fan-base for the University of Tennessee’s Women’s Volleyball team, but unfortunately they do not have a men’s program. The Tyrants are eager to bring those fans into the fold of high-level men’s volleyball! The team has been in correspondence with the NVA for the last year, waiting to develop a substantial roster with a fighting chance against the well-established teams already in the league. Having had the time during the pandemic to assemble a competitive squad, the Tyrants are now ready to significantly impact the league as they make their venture into the NVA.


The team coming together unconventionally during the lockdown has brought together a solid lineup, as they tout a great mix of players with southern and mid-western roots. The Tyrants are not only diverse geographically, they also feature players from varying levels of volleyball from competitive club guys to former college all-americans and seasoned overseas professionals.


The Tennessee Tyrants hope to grow their new fanbase as they compete in the upcoming season. Make sure to follow them on Instagram (@TNTyrants) and check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TNTyrants. Like their motto states: ‘Join us on our journey; we are your Tyrants!’

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