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MiscTeamThe Texas Tyrants’ Secret Weapon to Stay In Shape!

November 1, 20210

The Texas Tyrants began their own Instagram trend of ‘workout accountability shoutouts’ on their stories this past year, which slowly became a team staple. The movement started with Setter Isaiah Acfalle and Opposite Tim Johnson posting selfies of themselves working out, quickly spreading to the rest of their teammates and even to other teams in the league. The two recently shared some background on the posts becoming part of their team culture and its impact on their ability to stay strong in the gym during the NVA offseason.

“I don’t remember when or how it started, really!” shared Acfalle. The two, Johnson and Acfalle, were workout partners when they decided to essentially ‘call each other out’ on social media to hit the gym and work out when they could not lift together. “We wanted to find a way to make sure the other wasn’t slacking off. Then more people wanted to take part as well (because) they liked the accountability aspect of it!” Acfalle went on to say. Soon after, these two created a poll on their Instagram stories to see who else wanted to join in and be tagged on social media in their public shoutouts.

Johnson shared how lifting weights together with your teammates helps not only strengthen your body but can also build team chemistry. He mentioned, “In those sessions, we push each other and give each other feedback. If I feel that I can’t do the extra rep or additional session knowing that I have people around to help me push through.” For everyone involved in the trend, the accountability posts helped to fill that void left when there wasn’t someone else there to lift with you.

Overall, the trend paid off for the Texas Tyrants as they became a force to be reckoned with in the 2021 NVA season. After a slow start, the Tyrants finished the year as one of the hottest teams going into the playoffs and were the only team to take the eventual 2021 Champions, O.C. Stunners, to five sets in the playoffs. “The whole experience felt like we were the Average Joe’s from the movie Dodgeball,” Acfalle said.

Johnson explained the transition from college to becoming a professional athlete and the importance of creating an environment where it is easy to make investing in your body a priority. “No one is going to lead you to the gym or help you maintain a healthy diet. That is your responsibility, and proper preparation is key to making sure you stay on track,” he mentioned.

Lastly, when asked what advice they would give to others wanting to get their friends and teammates involved in an accountability thread, Acfalle had this to say; “We aren’t tagging people that we think need to go lift because they are out of shape. We tag them (because) they have goals and things they want to achieve.”

Johnson also gave his advice regarding accountability, stating, “We are all in different stages of life, fitness, and different stages in our careers as Professional Athletes. But if we commit to helping each other, no matter what stage we are at, then we will continue to grow together.” He followed up on that idea by also sharing a lesson Acfalle taught him. He said, “Being at the gym is a competition with yourself. Be the best version of you that YOU can be. No need to compare to others; focus and work on yourself. Thanks, coach Zay!”

Still, today the team is holding each other accountable on social media to hit the weights and keep diving in the sand this offseason. The Texas Tyrants have big goals and expectations for this upcoming season, all doing their part to accomplish these goals together. To see what all the talk is about, go on Instagram and give Acfalle (@acfalle), Johnson (@tim.johnson17), and the Texas Tyrants (@texastyrants) a follow to join in and follow their journey!

“Volley On With the NVA!”

-NVA Staff Writer

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